Classic Car Icons

Classic cars have a special place in many people’s hearts all over the world. Just by owning an iconic classic car you know it has a special place in history.

But what makes a old car iconic? They were usually popular since the 1900’s and got people excited about owning them. These Vintage cars probably changed the world in more ways than we can imagine. It can be anything from liberating millions of people by giving them there first set of wheels at an affordable price to owning a sought after stunningly beautiful Classic sports car. Here are just a few true Classic icons…

Built between 1948 and 1971, Morris Minors were cheap and offered decent levels of interior space, as well as superior ride and handling. They were available in 2 and 4 doors as well as a wooden framed wagon, panel van and a pickup.
Morris Minor

Made between 1959 and 2000, the Mini was a small front wheel drive car and due to its clever layout such as the gearbox being part of the sump, most of the car was used for cabin space It was also considered Britain’s answer to the VW Beetle. They were available as a 2 door, wagon, panel van as well as a pickup.


Also known as the car that launched a million Italian traffic jams, this car brought motoring to the masses. Affordable and cheap to run, its rear engine layout was an air cooled 2 cylinder of only 479cc. It was one of the first true city cars. It was reliable and proved itself to be a very capable means of transport and was very popular.

Fiat 500

Dating back to just before WW2, it was known as the"Type 1" It is the longest running and best selling single design car in history, selling over 21 million units in its production run. Its lifespan ran from 1938 to 2003. Its air-cooled rear mounted flat four proved reliable. It brought affordable motoring to the masses after the war, outselling many rivals all over the world.

VW Beetle

Manufactured between 1961 and 1975, it had a combination of good looks and high performance. It was also competitively priced. Initially available in 3.8 and 4.2 guises and later had a V12 option. When released Enzo Ferrari called it "The most beautiful car ever made".

Jaguar E type

Introduced in 1964 it was Ford''s most successful launch since the Model A. Having good looks and simple mechanics on its side it quickly became a popular choice with young buyers. It created the "pony car" class of car with sports car like Looks with long bonnets and short decks would be the best way to describe it. Close to half a million units were sold of the Mustang within the first twelve months of its launch.

Ford Mustang